Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to the Vet's

So going to the vet's with the herd is never an easy task. It wasn't bad when Heather was still home, but now it's just me. I had to take the Terrible Trio in today for their Bordedello updates. Blue stayed the night, so he had to come too. A trip to the vet usually goes something like this:

Put everyone out in the backyard that wants to go out. Especially Blue and Isis. Blue because he just always wants to go out and chase squirrels and Isis because the second she is in the car and we move she starts whining about having to go to the bathroom. Pavlov at his finest.

Next, holler to Charlie and Max and just say "Ride!" and they are at the door in a whirlwind of Lab and Doxie. How neither gets hurt I will never know. Put their travel collars on, grab the leashes and other collars, open the door and let them go. Say "Truck" and they head right for it, with a stop at a bush to check p-mail or leave a reply. Open the truck doors, lift Max into the front seat while Charlie jumps into the back. Open the windows enough so Max doesn't jump out. Shut the doors and prepare for round 2. Meanwhile, Charlie has moved to the driver's seat and Max is trying to share it with him.

Go to the back gate, get the other two and tell the "Ride!". Move before I get trampled, open the truck doors and watch the scramble for seats and places begin. Shut the doors, go in and get purse, tell the cats that they can have the house to themselves for an hour and head back out. Tell Charlie that "no, you can't drive, you don't have the right license", walk around the truck and find Charlie and Blue in the back, Max in the passenger seat and Isis behind the wheel. Not only does she not drive, she can't see over it. Tell her to move, which she does, over with Max.

Get in, put the rest of the windows down and wait for them to figure out who is going where. Not that it lasts long. Put the window up by whichever side Charlie is on since he doesn't like it. Start down the road and the Chinese Fire Drill that is going to occur, starts. Max heads to the back with Charlie, Blue stands on the center counsel waiting for the sunroof to open (it's not this time) and Isis starts whining. I haven't even gotten to the stop sign on our corner yet. Two houses away. Isis then heads to the backseat, Blue comes up front and puts his nose out the window and Charlie just sits by the back door. Max gets under Charlies legs and Isis tries to get her nose out the back window. Get to the stoplight and everyone moves around again. Max back in front, Blue in back and up comes Isis. Finally they settle down on the 8 minute trip to the vets.

Get to the vets- which has tons of parking on the side and across the lot. Park in the fire zone by the exit door, which should actually read "Fire zone, no parking, except for the crazy lady who brings in 4 dogs at once. Alone." Call them from my cell phone to check in and let them know we are there. This usually has one of 3 results- astounded silence from a new person at the desk as I tell them to look out the window and I wave wildly; or whoever is at the desk, says ok, no problem, we'll come and get you; or "Saw you coming and you're already checked in". I like the last one best. Take Isis out for her Pavlovian Poop and then get Max and to walk on their buddy leash and not let Isis harass the ducks in the pond. Or get attacked by them. So far so good.

It's time! Trip over the two short and stubby's going in, visit with the doc (a new one there now so they got extra loving) and get weighed in. Both doing good. Get their shots, lots of petting and head back out. Put them in the front seat, take off the collars and leash, grab Charlies' leash, close the front door, open the back door, hook him up (No, Blue, you can't go with us!), and drag his 70lobs butt out the door. He hates to go in. He did get excited when the new vet got right down on the floor to love him a bit and it's a girl vet! He loved that. Guess where he immediately put his nose. Yup. As soon as he sees the needle, he turns to me, gives me that hang dog look they have down so well and buries his head in my lap. Done! Tail wags and he drags me out to the truck. Go back in and pay. Ouch! Need shot to get over that, and not one in a needled. Head back out, move everyone off the driver's seat and pass out the treats.

Head for home, with the musical seats starting all over again. They finally settle down with Max in front with his head on the counsel, Blue standing on it and Isis trying to get her nose out the window. Still. Charlie just sits there. Get home, open the doors and they all shoot out like cannons to play and roll in the grass. Herd them to the backyard, open the gate and let them in.

Take a nap.

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  1. I work 8 hours a day and still think I would be more tired from taking 4 dogs to the vet alone than I am at the end of my work day. Go Ev!