Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3,659.9 Miles

According to the GPS system that is. Why am I still so tired?

I learned a lot about myself on this trip. And I can scratch a few things off my bucket list too.

I have said before I despise heights, but with all the bridges I had to do, I realized that I can do it and not close my eyes. While driving.

I found that I still don't like heights when they are in the mountains and high winds or down pouring rain are involved. Especially when there is a big drop off to the side of me.

Sandstorms are cool to watch, just a pain to drive through.

I remembered to turn my a/c off in the car, open the windows and turn the defroster on high when the car temp starts to rise. Brings it right back down. I learned that in a movie and to this day I don't remember which one, but that piece of advice stuck. And it works. Went from 210 back to 183 in less than 5 minutes.

I found that people are genuinely nice no matter when I travelled. Including the guys at the Cherokee stop after I had left OK City. We got talking about my trip, the weather and how the rain had been following me. They asked if they could put me up in a hotel for a couple of days since they really needed the rain. LOL

That truck drivers still watch out for four-wheelers, especially women travelling alone. I used to see it when I drove back and forth from Syracuse to Boston.

That I like small privately owned motels more than big chain hotels for the most part. I highly reccommend the Monteray Non-Smokers Inn in Alburquerque, NM. They have the cutest doxie there and are just the nicest people.

That I can travel with less crap than I think I need. Next time, I will do better.

And there will be a next time. I still haven't hit all 50 states. I want to drive across country again, this time going across the midwest or up north. I want to do it when I have no agenda in the end, just a final destination. I want to do it with someone I may not want to strangle by the end of the trip. Maybe. Maybe alone again since I had only myself to please.

I have a lot of things on my bucket list. However, I also believe that there should be one thing on it that is unattainable. That way when you have done everything else, there is still something left to live for. My unattainable- fly to the Moon. I don't know if I will still be around when that is a common thing, but it gives me something to look forward to and a reason to live as long as I can, doing things I want to do.


I am really tired still. But at least it isn't taking until 3am to fall asleep anymore. It was only 1 this morning. At least she gets to sleep but I have to get up with the dogs every morning again.

Everything is back to status quo around here. Max is back to barking and growling at hubby when he comes to bed or goes to kiss me good bye. This morning he even snapped at him. Got his butt swatted for his efforts. The dog that is.

We went to the Shinedown concert on Sunday. It was very good. I was really amazed at the range of ages at the show. Lots of people from my generation, and not just there with their kids either. we didn't get home until after 1am- in the rain and fog. I am so tired of driving right now.

Last night we took her and a couple of friends out for her b'day dinner, along with a couple of hubby's kids. We had a good time- it was just the right size of group. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and as usual, they took very good care of us and the food was yummy!

I have no idea what she has planned today other than we do need to go say hi to the neighbors on either side of us. I love that about a small neighborhood. Everyone keeps track of everyone else. We have a baby due down the end of the road in a couple of months. That will be fun.

Hopefully I will find some time today to just sit and read. I just finished Kim Harrison's new one, White Witch, Black Curse. I really enjoyed it. I liked how she tied up the murder of one of the main characters in an earlier book. (Not saying much because I don't want to spoil it.) I am not looking forward though to future books when the life spans of other characters come to their natural end. That will be a pile of kleenex read.

Now I am reading Christina Dodd's Danger in a Red Dress. It's not bad. Parts have been darn right laugh out loud. But I hope that I am not reading into the plot and can see what is going to happen. I will be very dissapointed in that.

It's 9am. Too early for a nap? nah.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Well, we are back home in NY. Finally.

I am exhausted. We spent the last 3 days moving her to a new dorm room because of all the problems she was having in the building she was in. It was the party building. It's where all the young, first time away from home kids end up- cause they are shared rooms and the cheapest. Unfortunately, the ones who are there to actually study are the ones who suffer. So now she is in a studio apt with her own bath, no sharing, in a different building that is nice and quiet. Now she just needs to finish unpacking and organizing everything. I did all I could. Hope she saves some money for her groceries and gas. LOL

Some of her friends helped us move. It was a Charlie Foxtrot at times. She was moving into a room that someone else was still in and moving out of, while someone else was moving into her old room. So we would take some of her stuff over, move some of his into her old room then load up and do it all again. Meanwhile, the person in her room waited until the last minute to do much of anything besides clean out half the room so she could move her stuff in. Got that straight yet?? It was a never ending circle of hell.

One of these days when I am out there I will get to see something besides the inside of a Target, Walmart or Lowe's. Or fast food joints. I actually saw more going to the airport today in the shuttle than I have both times I have been there!

The dogs were so happy to have me (maybe even us) home. It's hard to pet 3 dogs when you only have 2 hands! But I was pleased that Max didn't bark his head off at either one of us, instead they all just sat there and pushed to be petted. Poor Charlie was right between my legs trying to get all the attention he could. I think he missed me, poor baby! I know I missed them.

My husband called me the other day and told me not to ask him to rake the lawn anytime soon (NOT that I would anyway). I thought the dogs had done something in the backyard that I really didn't want to know about, but that wasn't it. Our neighbor 2 doors down was out raking the other morning and dropped dead. He is only a year older than hubby but not in the best of health. His poor girl friend is devestated. I went over to see her right after I got done with the animal greetings since I saw she was still up. Her girlfriends were all there too. So tomorrow I have a wake to go to before we head to Poughkeepsie for the Shinedown concert.

I really should go to bed, don't ya think?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I finally made it about 1pm CA time yesterday. Then immediately went into overdrive to help Heather move to her new dorm room. Which still has an occupant and will until today or tomorrow. While someone else, who is helping us move, moves into her dorm room. Got all that straight?

When I first got there she came running out with her arms wide spread- to fall with glee upon her car and molest it. She just gave me her keys to go use the bathroom. I don't even think I got a hi. Kids. Dorks. The drive up from San Diego was really nice. Even the traffic isn't all that bad, or at least different from what I deal with in Albany all the time. Just more lanes is all. Never get in the way of a NY driver.

I know that they moved in a bunch of stuff from her room yesterday, and I did my best to unpack what I could given the space limitations, but, holy crap you should see the mess still left and we have to finish by tomorrow nite! She is supposed to turn her keys in today, but since she and Kyle are friends, she is holding one of her spares until she can get all her stuff out. What a mess this is. Not organized at all. I hate that.

Her new room is made for 2 people, complete with two vanities and bathroom sinks, but at least she has her own bathroom and it is in a quiet part or the complex. And a laundry room that works right.

We went to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen with a friend of ours last night. It was nice to repay him for keeping an eye on her and making sure she had adults to talk to. Interesting place and the food was good too.

I am sitting here at her school while she takes a final. The kids are nice and don't look at me totally like I am a weirdo. Guess it's cause it's CA and everyone is weird in their own way??

I hope to hit the hot tub at the motel today. I really, really need it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a Zoo Out there!!

Today was the day I have been waiting for. I hit the zoo before they were opened and grabbed myself a scooter. Good thing I did too. If I was sore after walking the fairly flat zoo in Alburquerque, they would have had to take me out in an ambulance after today.

Talk about hilly. Up and down and up and down. They do have shuttles if you want to go to the Polar Bear or Panda exhibit and save some of your battery. I can see why. I only did the shuttle once, because I was hungry and wanted to go to the other side, and top, of the park to eat. There is an area called the Treehouse, and a really nice sit down restaurant there. Albert's Restaurant. They had the best Flan I have ever had. If I had known that it was on the menu, I wouldn't have ordered anything else. Since I had a late lunch,I won't be eating dinner tonite. I also had breakfast at the Flamingo Cafe. (There is a running joke in our family about Flamingos).

One of the worst moments of the day was right at the beginning. Actually, the only black spot on the day. Right as you walk in is the Flamingo Pond, so naturally I headed there to take pictures. There was an egret that flew in and ate a baby duck. I wanted to hurl. I know its life, but really, don't they get fed enough by the humans? Other than that the rest of the day was so much fun. I have a sunburn on top of my sun burn from NM. That's my sun for the year as I am not usually one to hand out in the sun. I even garden in a sundial format, sticking to the shade as much as possible.

I got to see the wild animal show- complete with howling wolf. I hope I got it on video. I also finally got to see the Pandas late in the afternoon as it was always crowded. They were sleeping, but still cute. The Meerkats were hysterical. The chimps were all in a monkey puddle. One of the orangatangs had a burlap bag that she was hiding under. I got that on video too. If it wasn't for one nice lady who pulled me around the corner, I would never have known. A lot of people passed it by and it was just too cute. Almost like she was playing hide and seek or You can't see me!

I think I saw everything I wanted to, or at least did my best. The only place I didn't go to was the reptile house. I don't do snakes, lizards or bugs. I would love to come back again and do the wild animal park and sea world.

The zoo was so clean, the people, including the other guests, so nice. At Disney, people didn't care if you were in a scooter or wheelchair (I couldn't blieve the nasty comments) but not here. People went out of their way to open a door for me or move out of the way, not walk in front of me. I had complete strangers strike up conversations with me, and one young man who walked with me for awhile until our path's went different ways. He is from Ft. Lauderdale and has an interview at Sea World tomorrow along with a lot of swimming. I hope he makes it!

I was one of the last people out of the park. I didn't want to leave. This is definately on my return list and with Heather living only a couple of hours away, I can do that!

I am going to go through my gifts tonite and mail as many out as I can. I don't want to carry back stuff I don't need to an my suitcase is full enough as it is!

Murphy's Law at Work

You know that old adage- if it can go wrong, it will? That was last night. I no sooner got my blog posted, checked my gmail and closed out IE, then my computer died. Deader than a door nail.

Naturally, I still needed something off it- my confirmation email from Navy Lodging. The hotel system had an out of order sign on it. We finally got the email to work and then the printer wouldn't. So I called #1 Daughter who said she would fax it to me. Then she couldn't get on her computer. So then I called #3 son who tried to fax it- the first machine broke. He finally got it to me on the 2nd one.

The GPS had me going to LA and then San Diego. Why, I have no idea. Unless it was because it didn't want to do mountains again. And that is what we did. At least it wasn't as windy or as much traffic today. Even though it was only 65 out, there was still a worry about overheating. However, I opened the windows and turned on the defroster and the engine temp went from 210 to 185 in no time and stayed there. The engine was no where near being redlined, but I felt better that way. Especially since I refused to hurry up or down the damn thing.

I finally made it to San Diego and then had to find the base. There is no physical address for Navy Lodging, so I did the next best thing- found something in the same zip and used that. I knew I would see signs for the base and I did. They even had one just for base decals and passes. Once I got that they pointed me to the hotel, which was just across the street and up a block. It is in a complex with the NEX and Commissary. Absolutely HUGE. Far bigger than West Point. The NEX is as big as the two story Walmart at home, and they are currently making it bigger. A huge food court. Free movies at the theater. And I got saluted coming in. Snort. I had forgotten what that was like since West Point went to civilan guards. Not here. LOTS of guys in uniform. My view out my window is of the Navy yard. There are 5 ships there, one of which I can see all of and the others I can see their towers and upper decks. Kinda cool.

Tomorrow is the San Diego Zoo. I have always wanted to go there and can't wait. So I am off to bed as I want to get up early and head out and make a day of it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Never again!!

Let me just say, that as much as I loved most of this trip, today sucked. Big time. I will take driving in a snowstorm or down the Smokies in the pouring rain again over what I did today.

The day started early, overcast, with High Crosswind warnings. They weren't kidding either. About the time I hit the NM and AZ boarder, it was not only blowing so badly that I had problems keeping the car on the road, but I hit sand storms. Sand storms on the left of me. Sand storms on the right of me. And then there are the ones I drove through.

Thankfully, no one told me about what driving through Flagstaff would be like. I wouldn't have done it. Especailly with the winds the way they were. There was no way in hell that I was going to do 75 down that mountain. Nor were the truckers. But the ones who I think have totally lost their minds were the bikers. Un-effing-believable! How they were able to stay on their bikes is a mystery to me.

My hands hurt from gripping the wheel tightly. My body is killing me from all the walking I did yesterday. I can barely move right now. My sunburn itches. And I have a family in the room next to me who is noisy. Earplugs tonight I think.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Leaving, you can't make me!

Why people spend their winters in Florida is a mystery to me. I can imagine spending mine here in Albuquerque though.

I got up early, found a place to get my broken fingernail fixed that Heather's guitar case killed, had breakfast and headed to the Zoo, Botanical Garden and Aquarium just across the street from my hotel. All by 9am.

The sun was out. The day was beautiful. And I walked over 5 miles today. I really want another day here. Or a month. I have a sun burn.

They have a train that runs between the zoo and the other 2 places. I went to the zoo first on the advice of the people at the gardens, since it's break time here and all the kids would be heading that way soon. I spent far too much time there, but then again, not enough. I had to rush out to my nail appointment but did have enough time to go back.

The Botanical Gardens were huge and beautiful. I particularly loved the kids fantasy garden which was guarded by a huge dragon. I couldn't believe the size of the zoo and how much was there to see and do.

I can't wait to get my pictures posted. I'm too tired to do that right now. But I will for anyone who is interested.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tumblin Tumbleweeds.

Arrived safely in NM. It was very windy in TX and the sky was not promising looking but it went away from me, for which I was happy. But I did see lots of tumble weeds blowing across the road. I drove pass numerous cops with people pulled over. At two of them, they were going through the vehicles with a fine tooth comb. Oops. I even got tagged on 40 by a helicopter once I hit the NM border! Haven't had that happen in a long time. I waved.

I had to take a break after only an hour on the road this morning. I got up early and headed out and just needed a break. I got talking to these gentlmen at the Cherokee about the weather. I was joking about the rain having followed me from NY. They wanted to know how much it would cost them to have me stay a couple of extra days! LOL

Once I got out of Jersey, everyone I have met has been so very nice. When I got to my motel here, I wasn't sure what to expect. It's just a small motor lodge, but I liked that I could walk to Old Town and the Zoo and Botanical Gardens/Aquarium. When I went into the office to register I was greated by a short and stubby! Any place that has their own Doxie is perfect for me. His name is Gustav and he let me just sit there and pet him while the owners and I just sat and talked. Made me miss mine even more, but it's always nice to have another puppy to play with. I guess I passed muster since I got my room!

Walked over to Old Town for dinner. Very good and I have left overs for later. Had to save room for dessert!

Missing home though and I will be glad to get back there next week. 8 more days of my vacation!


I really had such a wonderful time here!! I can't wait to come back (this time I will fly in though!). Just like my time in NC with Judy, there is so much I want to do and just don't have time for right now. But this trip has showed me where I do want to go and spend more time. Little Rock isn't it though, sorry AR.

Penny and her family picked me up for dinner. We went to the Cattlemen's Restaraunt, which is under and old bordello. I had the best steak I can remember in a very long time. And the homemade Coconut Cream Pie was to die for.

We had a great time, I even got to meet the furry family members which was great. I have missed having a lap puppy, even though theirs weighs 120 and is still growing! He's half Neufoundland and half Retriever, guess who's size and who's brains he got? He's such a love. Likes to kill stuffed animals.Their other dog likes the squeaky ones. Too funny.

Penny and I spend the day doing the Murrah Office Bldg and then the Cultural Museum. Both were wonderful places. She worked the bombing here and I did 9/11, so it was good to have someone to share it with who understood, on both sides. What they learned there, the mistakes made and lessons learned, were employed in NYC. Sometimes something good does come out of something so horrible. It is still mind numbing.

Then we did some shopping! I got jewerly. Big shock to all who know me. At least it wasn't shoes or purses. Although I am not done yet.

I went to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar for dinner. I already have the t-shirt from one concert or another. And the hat. It was in a very nice area, complete with a water front and area to walk around in. There are other restaurants and retail shops. It's like a minature San Antonio River Walk. I hope it grows.

The people here have all been very nice. I have been stopped many times either because someone saw my NY plates, or as is usually the thing, my Sony eReader. Lot's of people have asked to play with it and I gladly hand it over to them. What better publicity??

I stayed up so late tonite (for me) talking to Heather and my friend Linda, that I missed most of Jay Leno (oh, darn) but did turn it up in time to hear Garth. Another Okie. They have managed to grow some of the best Country singers here in Ok. Gotta love it!!

Off to NM where it is supposed to rain. What a shocker!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It ws sooo nice to see the sun all day today and have it get above 50 outside. Once AAA showed up (very quickly too) and jumped the car for me, I let it run for awhile. The people in the room next to me had a problem starting their truck too, so I didn't feel so bad. It was one of those days.

Thank god Rt 40 is basically flat. And the truckers don't get on your butt they way they do in NY. I actually managed to do bridges with no problems either. Yay me!! I was so tired once I finally got to the hotel, I didn't even bother going out to dinner. Just ate the rest of the yoghurt and string cheese I had and crashed with the tv.

I am off tomorrow to OK City and to see my friend Penny. She is taking me to the Memorial. Maybe I will finally get a chance to take some pictures.

Everytime I saw something the last few days it was either raining, I couldn't stop because of traffic, or mostly, I was on a bridge. Like the eagle in it's nest, the blue heron's, the flamingo mailbox someone had.

Last night, I not only had to wear my eye mask to bed (the computer screen keeps me up and I was charging stuff) but I had to put my ear plugs in. The bed in the room next to me wasn't anchored to the wall very well. And they were very busy. Sleep deprived? Ya think??

Not only did i leave the cooler plugged in, but the outlet adapter for the computer died so I listened to my audio book on the laptop until it was about dead and did find a nice restaurant where they let me plug it in while I ate lunch. Home made Chocolate Cream Pie for dessert. Didn't need dinner.

I am switching hotels in OK City. I was going to stay at a La Quinta but really haven't been that impressed. Sleep Inn had a room available and I am taking it. Some one sprayed Orange cleaner so badly in here, I am getting a headache. Can't open the window either.

Short drive tomorrow. Thank god. Over 500 miles today was enough. But the Sun was Shining!!!


Must remember to unplug the cooler in the car at night. Thank god for AAA.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Just let me say right up front- anyone who drives an 18-wheeler through the Smokey Mountains on Rt 40, especially when it is pouring rain and you can't see squat, is crazy. And not paid nearly enough.

Let me back up a day. I made it to my friend's house in the late afternoon in NC. It poured the entire way. Which made crossing that huge bridge interesting. When I first caught sight of it, I almost turned back and found a different way to go. Not only was it scary, it was covered in fog and rain. NOT a fun thing to do when you don't like heights. Thankfully there was not a lot of traffic on it. I even made it through the tunnels without going nuts. Did I mention I hate heights and closed in places? I pulled off at the rest stop that they have part way across just to check it out and sit and eat some lunch.

I was sitting in my car, looking out over the water (what little I could see anyway), when I noticed something moving through the windshield. I turned on my wipers and there was a submarine heading into Norfolk, with it's conning tower out of the water. I tried to take a picture through the window and the was waiting for it to get closer to get a better one. When it finally did, it was raining so hard I couldn't get anything. The pictures are on my camera, but not on the disk, and I don't have the cord to download them. Sorry about all that work last night Judy!

Judy warned me that there was another bridge to go across. I was ready to swim across the river at that point, or turn the car into a boat.

But I made it across all of them and finally to Judy and Roger's new house. Now, Judy and I met in 1991 or so, on an AOL Anne McCaffrey board. We have not lost touch in all those years, but never got a chance to meet, so I was happy to be able to spend time with her and Roger. (She met him later on the board, married him and moved from TX. Now that's a love story.) He's a big teddy bear too, but don't tell him I said that.

They have 4 of the cutest kitties (almost as cute as mine-lol) and I had a great time visiting and playing with them and getting to talk to Judy, finaly face to face. I wish I could have stayed longer. I told her to tell Roger next time I was.

It wasn't raining, finally, when I left, but a few hours later it started all over again. I am glad that I didn't wait any longer to leave than I did though. Going through those mountains was bad enough, I would not have wanted to do it in the dark. About the time I arrived here in Knoxville, the sun finally broke out of the clouds and it quit. The desk clerk told me it was the first time they had seen the sun since Wednesday.

I have only seen one other NY state car and they were borrowing it from someone else. I am all alone out here!! LOL

Tomorrow I am heading to Little Rock. I need to download another book, as I have about finished Butcher's Storm Front and I want number 2. I think I can manage to put it on the hd and listen to it through the computer and car stereo. At least I will give it a shot.

Off to find some well deserved dinner that isn't fast food. Although I haven't really bought anything except my one dinner and some V8. Everything else has either been at the hotel, in the car or Judy's White Chicken Chili, which was really good.

Steak sounds nice right about now!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Salisbury, MD Sleep Inn

Normally I wouldn't do this, but I really have to say some nice things about the hotel I stayed in. Why they only have 2 stars (I think) from AAA, I don't know. I am not a travel agent or writer, just a very happy customer. For the price that I was paying (less than 60 bucks) I really wasn't expecting much. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I stayed at the Salsibury, MD Sleep Inn.
I booked the smallest room they have, cause this isn't a cheap trip I am taking. I was pleasantly surprised. The room was small but well appointed. A very comfortable double bed with four fluffy pillows, built in nightstands, and great reading lights along the entire top of the ceiling over the bed. I had no problem sitting in bed reading. I usually end up with every light on in a hotel room because it is always so bad. In fact, every area of the room was well lit. And there was plenty of room for the suitcase, 3 guitar cases and who knows what all I have to bring in everynight.

The desk area when you first walk in had a tv, with drawer space under it, desk top area, a nice comfortable chair (not the usual wooden torturous one they give you) with a small coffee pot and refrigerator under it. And I still had plenty of room for my lap top, Sony eReader, ipod and cell phone to charge. The closet space was more than adequate, with a small safe, ironing board and iron.

The sink area was behind a wall on the side of the bed. But what I really liked most was that Instead of wasting money and space on a bathtub that no one ever uses except for small children, they wisely put in an almost double sized shower stall. It was so nice to have actual water pressure and not the usual leaky shower head. The shower and toilet area were seperate from the sink and bathroom, so two people could easily get ready at the same time.

Both desk people that I dealt with, Devon (at night, I hope I got his name right) and Tamara the front desk manager were very nice and informative with anything that I needed. Breakfast was continental and very substantial, the lady running it was also very nice. And Denny's is right across the parking lot. They didn't laugh at me too much when I asked where the toaster was. In my defense, I was tired and Tamara offered me a late checkout so I could go back to sleep. It was a nice quiet hotel, which i really appreciated.

Since I don't usually travel, except to Syr and NYC, it's nice to find a hotel that doesn't charge and arm and a leg and you get a great value for your dollar. I will definately stay at one again. Anyone travelling, I highly reccommend that you check one out.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Four states later and I have made it to my first stop, Salisbury, MD. The gps only confused me twice, but they were both construction related. No biggie.

When I hit the last stop in Jersey before the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I stil had over half a tank of gas left. Not bad, considering how loaded the car is with Heather's junk. I mean precious treasures. Gas is running about 1.80/gal, so I waited to fill up once I got here.

Anyone looking for a new car, or even used, I highly reccommend looking at the Chevy HHR. It has a lot of room, handles nicely and considering it has a 4-cylinder engine, has quite a bit of pick up. I am averaging 29/mpg, because of the heavy load. Usually it's about 33 or so highway. City it runs 25-29 normally.The new ones can even use e85 fuel or whatever it is and it will increase those numbers. My only complaint, and why I don't own one, it that it doesn't come in all-wheel drive. Add that on and I would buy one in a heartbeat. And make it a purple one too.

It started sprinkling about the time I hit Delaware and now it is raining but at least not heavily. I called Jude and she blamed it on me. I told her if it was me, I would have sent snow. Seems like that is a four letter word.

I went to a wonderful seafood restaurant for dinner, Watermen's Cove. If you are ever out this way, I reccommend it highly. I had crab bisque and crab claws for dinner. Three big clusters. An assortment of rolls in the basket- cornbread was very good. Now I am stuffed.

Everytime I get to a new place, I have to unpack not only my suitcase and computer bag but all three of Heather's guitars and the bag of camera equipment. I am glad they gave me a first floor room. I will be sure to ask for them from now on. It's a work out.

I actually managed to get through the day with no disasters!!

Nim's Island is on. Guess I will go watch Jerry Butler and then go to sleep. I can think of worse things. LOL


Actually, it's more like Salisbury, MD for today.

That's my first stop on this adventure. I decided that I would tackle the Chesepeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel on an early Sunday morning. It's 17 miles across the water.

I hate heights. And I hate closed in dark areas. Should be fun.

Stop back to see if I made it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Twenty-four hours from now and I will be on the first leg of my adventure.

Car packed- check. (I did that on the weekend)
Suitcase packed- check (after 2 hours and throwing the white cat off my black clothes too many times to count)

Today it's mani/pedi, last minute shopping, packing the dogs's bag for their stay in a week at the Doggie Day Care because hubby will be out of town and finally getting some sleep before I hit the road in the morning. I know that there is a ton of stuff left to do, but it's all last minute stuff. Which will, of course, turn into last hours stuff to do.

Really, the hardest decision I have to make today is what color to paint my toenails. And finding an audio book I can buy and download to my ipod. Trying to find what I want has been impossible. Why doesn't anyone have the first book of Parker's Jesse Stone series?? I did find somewhere I can download and burn to a cd and use it where I want. DRM free? I guess that's what it is.

My Sony eReader is loaded and ready. Most of my music is on my ipod. The cooler is almost stocked. And my bank account emptied.

I'm ready. Is the country ready for me to be out there on my own??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cereal? Pancakes? French Toast??

Nope, it's not what's for breakfast. It's what empty nesters decide makes a great dinner.

I thought once it was just us, I would be able to finally cook those things that we never get to eat because someone else wouldn't eat them. Or to try new recipies. And I really drew the line at cooking seperate meals.

So far the toughest decision has been what breakfast food to have for dinner. :sigh: So much for imagination.

I can only imagine what Hubby will be eating while I am gone. It doesn't matter that I have single packages of pork chops, ham slices, burgers and spaghetti sauce already in the freezer for him.

And that I told him that they are there. More than once.

He won't remember. He will end up eating cereal, crackers and peanut butter, peanut butter sandwiches. Olive sanwiches for god's sake. I hope one of the kids comes and take pity on him.

I am sure the animals will eat better than he does. I still have to make up their overnight bag for the two days they have to spend at the day care center. Yes, my dogs go to a day care center. At least once a week Charlie and Blue spend the day while Bill and I are at work. They come home exhausted, barely able to stay awake to eat. Charlie is even losing weight, which is a good thing. He gets unhappy when he doesn't go over. I had to see him mope around. It's like having another surly, emotional teen in the house again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I hate Barbie.

There is such a big thing being made about Barbie being 50 this year. Hell, I hit that next year and I don't see that being made a big production of.

I had Barbies growing up. Along with Skipper and Dawn. I actually still have my Dawn doll. My mom made some beautiful clothes for Barbie that I still have.

I hated playing with them.

I gave my Barbies to Heather when she was a little kid. Other people bought them for her.

She hated them too.

In fact, every Barbie she has ever owned has become a No-Neck Barbie. She would rip the heads off and then jam them back on like WWF gone bad. Cut their hair, dye it, shave it. Use markers for make up. Let GI Joe blow them up. Except for the military ones, which helped blow up the other ones.

Never let it be said either of us were girly-girls.

Now the big controversy because Barbie has a removable Tramp-stamp. ::snort:: I love it. I should get one before public opinion has them pulled from the shelves.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Is Spring finally here? We set the clocks ahead, earlier than we are used to. My flowers are coming up. And the backyard is a big mud pit. I know, the dogs bring it in to me all day long. I spend more time mopping the floor than I do anything else.

But this is Upstate NY and I know we have more snow to come. I just hope it waits until I am across the border on my way to Maryland. Especially since I no longer have snow tires on Heather's car. With my luck there will be a foot of snow on the ground by Friday.

I keep wondering how Hubby will deal with the animals on his own. They are used to their routine and he changes it on them all the time. Poor Max. He hates to go outside if don't go with him and he jumps at the door whining, while I ignore him. Then he runs in and uses the puppy pad. You have to outlast him. One of these days he will figure out it isn't punishment to go outside.

I have decided Isis is a Kleptomaniac.

I was trying to do laundry last night and Isis kept digging through the basket and stealing socks. I would take it back and she would go get another. It's like a compulsion for her. Isis greeted Bill and Blue with one in her mouth. She even barks with it there. She must have 30 dirty socks in her toy box already. We give her all the old ones and she loves them. But she must have more. Kind of like me with books, shoes and purses. At least she comes by it honestly.

Charlie has gotten very good at going to daycare. Now he walks himself up the ramp and heads for the door to the back the second I let him in. He has that daycare mentality that kids get- after a few times, there is no need to cling to mommy cause I know she'll be back and in the meantime I get to play!! By the time he gets home, he is barely able to stay awake to eat.

Poor Blue needs a bath everytime he comes inside. He likes to dig holes. Big, muddy ones. He finally sits and lets me clean his paws. His poor daddy can't leave him home alone because he sits in his cage and sets up a ruckus. Here, he just goes in his cage when he knows I am leaving and waits for someone to come home. I think it's because he isn't alone, even though he can't get out.

My step-daughter and I have laughingly said we should open a doggie day-care center. If the economy wasn't so bad, I might consider it. It is something to keep in mind for the future.

I will miss my babies while I am gone. I won't know what to do with an entire bed to myself. I laid down to watch Reaper last night and had all 4 dogs and a cat snuggled up to me. Good way to save on heating costs.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's Ramblings...

Because my mind is going in so many directions all at once---

I can't believe I leave in a week! I still have so much to do. Including talk hubby into letting me get a Blackberry with Internet access on it. Then I can Twitter away!

The car is almost ready to go- inspection and wipers are the only things left. The tires and breaks just about killed me. Oh well, at least they won't need fixing for another 40,000 miles.
This weekend will be packing and loading what I can in the car.

Have I mentioned that I love my job? I am so glad with all the cuts at Border's- one of them being the manager from my old one who actually knew what he was doing- that I left when I did? This has become a slippery slope and all I see ahead of them is Bankruptcy. No amount of personnel cuts and dropping of music and movies is going to help them at this point. Get rid of those overpaid shirts and the bonuses- there's an idea. Question- if the store closes how will a certain someone be able to pay for her maid?? That was always the biggest concern when she doesn't get the bonus, not the college kids who don't make enough money to eat. Off my soapbox.

Back to the new job- no stress. Or it's so negligible it's not worth mentioning. And I make as much there, working less hours and less stress than I did at Border's. Especially since I am not pouring my paycheck back into the store all the time. It's nice to be able to say "I can't work ..." and they honor it with no arguments.

We are going car shopping for me when I get home. The new Jeep Compass (in Jeep Green) is at the top of the list. It's the same size as my Rav4, which I love, but after 6 accidents, it's time to turn it in. I am beginning to think it is a marked truck. However, I have walked away from all of them and killed another car in return. The idiot ran a red light and hit my rear quarter panel. $1200 damage to my car. He lost his hood and radiator. Serves him right. It will be a good first vehicle for some kid. It goes but not so fast that they will be racing with it. Gets decent gas mileage too. Maybe I should post it on Craig's List if the dealer won't give me anything good for it.

I need to get my ipod in order too. I can't believe how much music is missing from it, especially for a roadtrip like this. I was trying to find either a download of Robert B. Parker's Night Passage or Jim Butcher's first Dresden novel and no go. The library doesn't even have them as audios. I am still looking for a book to listen to but don't want Romance. Something I have read, that I want to read that is either funny and light hearted or a good mystery or sci-fi. And I don't want to join some club to download one book. Just sell me the damn thing already.

And Packing- ugh. With all the different areas I am heading to, trying to figure out what to pack, in only one suitcase, including my shower kit and make up and SHOES, is not fun. I usually pick a color scheme when I travel. This time it is pink and purple with black, gray and white. Then I just have to figure out the layers. And I am bringing a ski jacket- I do remember what the desert is like at night. They can laugh at me in CA all they want.

Off for now. I have to go do a much needed load of laundry, empty the dishwasher and get ready for work tomorrow. At least it's only half a day. And payday is right in the middle of my trip. Maybe my bonus will be in there???

Monday, March 2, 2009


It is snowing. Again.

I am so sick of winter. And even worse, it's snowing all the way down to NC and Kentucky, the same way I am driving in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. Arrgghhh..
My flowers are already coming up and are now under a cover of snow, which is good since it protects them from the cold and they thrive every year. But I am sick of winter.

I wonder if I should pick out an alternate route just in case I hit NC and it's still crap on the roads? It normally wouldn't bother me, but I am having all new tires put on her car and they are not all season or snow tires. She's in CA, so I put summer tires on that have great water treads. What a pain in my arse.
I really need to get going on packing the stuff in her room. Books, books and more books and see if I can find a guitar case for one of hers. I am taking them with me- easier than sending them. And anything else I can stuff in the car that I think she can use (or I don't want to look at anymore).
I have a box of food to send out to her today. Seems her "friends" in the dorm don't want to drive her to the store, even after they have offered. I get tired of people who have the maturity level of a tween. Unlike her, who is working hard to get good grades, most of them are too busy partying and disturbing others. I think waiting to go away to college was a good idea. More kids should try it instead of running off to be on their own and not knowing how to act like an adult.
I will be glad once she has her car there and can make friends with people her age and maturity level. I know these 3 months have been hard on her, but it is almost over. Daily count downs have begun but the frustration level of being stuck in the dorm is mounting. I can tell by the phone calls and IM's and texts and facebook but that is ok, I am a mom, I can handle anything, especially for my kid

Two weeks alone, two weeks alone.... my mantra.