Monday, November 2, 2009

Camping trip continued...

Really, I do think this is easier to do on a weekly basis, not daily. I just don't have the time. So much for being an empty-nester with time on my hands!!)

While we were out on our little maiden voyage of Big Bertha, I had to stop in a little

park to let the doxies out to pee. As soon as Isis and I got out of The Beast, I heard rustling coming from the weeds behind the truck and growling! It sounded like a minature mountain lion! Instead, this is what came charging out at us, growling like crazy. (This is a week after we came home, she had gained a whole pound by then, her eyes were healthy and she had quit sneezing and coughing)

Her name is TK or Allie, short for Terror Kitty of Alleghany, since that is where she "attacked" us. Isis decided it was "her" baby and will not let the poor thing alone. If Spike (our male white cat) goes near her, she chases him away! This brings us up to 3 dogs and 4 cats. Hubby tried to say no, we couldn't bring her home, but he knew that was useless. I guess he had to try, right? Just to show what a softy he is, he made me go back the next day to make sure there were no others.

When we got back to the park, I immediately gave her a bath and I swear she lost a pound after all the fleas were gone. We had picked up a litterbox and kitty food and she immediately knew what to do with the box, so we think someone dumped her by the playground we had stopped at. I hope they rot in hell. This was the weather that we woke up to on Friday and Saturday so the fact that she survived says alot about her personality and why she fit so well into the insane asylum that is our house.

TK spent the first couple of weeks in a big cage, especially if we were gone or at night. I wanted her to get better and also make sure she was going to get along with the others. She is now out of the cage full time and has spent the last two nights sleeping with us. At just over 2 pounds she doesnt' take up a lot of room and loves to sleep next to TOG. She has adopted him as her daddy and as soon as he gets home from work, she curls up on his chest and they both fall asleep. Isis and Blue-dog and Spike all play with her. I think Charlie is scared he will hurt her- he was like that with the other kittens until they got bigger too. She spends a lot of time teasing Blue from under a stool and Spike and her are in the cat tree all the time. It's the first time any of the cats have played in it since we got it, they usually just sit on top and watch out the window. Now TK and Spike are running in and out and up and down. It's fun to watch!

We have to be careful as she likes to try and get out the door whent the dogs and Tex go out. Not a good idea. She loves to ride- she rode all the way home on the dashboard of my truck since we didn't have a cat carrier with us, and the defroster was on. She was so cute, although I don't let her do it anymore. Now she sits in the carrier, high enough to see out the window and looks around. She even went through the car wash with me and it didn't seem to bother her at all. TOG said that when we do travel he guesses that we should put one in Bertha just in case since this seems to happen to me a lot.

Poor Rascal just growls at her when ever she looks at her. It's ok if her back is to her and she can sniff her butt, but if she moves Rascal goes ballistic. She is such a neurotic, fat cat. She just gets extra loving now.

Now that I think about it, I haven't heard her collar bell jingle in awhile. I wonder where she is hiding??

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