Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Empty Nest or What do We do NOW?

Well, there seems to be a first time for everything and I guess it's my time to do a blog. If no one reads it, that's ok. This is more for me- to be able to put down into words the changes I (and sometimes Hubby) are going through now that all of our assorted kids are gone.

For me, I am sure it is not as big an adjustment as it might be for him. You see, he just turned 75 and it is the first time ever, that he has been without a kid in the house. When we were married almost 12 years ago, his youngest was still at home, having stayed on when his mom passed away suddenly. Then when we married, my then 12 year old daughter moved in. Suffice to say, there is a big age difference between us, but that is ok. It works for us. Others may not understand it, but that's ok too.

So now my daughter is almost 24, 3000 miles away in Hollywood going to film school, and we are trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. Ok, me more than him. He still works full time and is now sitting and reading his Sony eReader. He likes to do that. So do I but need to find other things to fill my time up with.

I was actually thinking about doing a blog when I first found out that she had been accepted into college, so far away, but there was so much to be done in such a short time, I didn't have the chance. I wrote them in my head almost daily, while I was waiting to fall asleep at night. It actually helped me to come to terms with so many changes, so quickly and accept that my baby and sidekick of almost 24 years wouldn't be here any more. I would have to go to concerts (and we do alot of those) alone, shop alone, take care of our 3 dogs and 3 cats and 1 part-time granddog alone. (Mind you 2 of those cats are hers!)

Orginally, Hubby and I were going to drive her car out to here in April after Spring Break. However, we soon realized that the cost of boarding the dogs alone was going to be more than shipping her car out. And if you ship it you can't put stuff in it, it has to go empty. That seems like a waste to me.

So I am planning a big adventure for myself. I am going to get the maps and plan a route out and take a trip BY MYSELF! I am going to plot my course using Military Bases with housing available if possible, find the Elks Lodges along the way, attractions that I have always wanted to see but haven't ever been able to and head out to the other side of this wonderful country of ours.

By the time I arrive, she will be ready for her spring break and we will fly back home together. So basically, this blog will be my journal, to myself, of my adventures of the new stage in my life. I am hoping I will be able to get Hubby to travel with me at some point, maybe even taking our silly dogs with us and just heading out. But I really need to do this for myself. It's exciting. It's scary. I can't wait!

Along the way, I hope to figure out how to pretty up this blog, add photos, and whatever other stuff I can figure out. It's all trial and error, but that's cool. So's life!

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