Sunday, February 1, 2009

41 Days and counting!

The planning has started for my trip. So far everyone has been very supportive- none of the "you can't do that alone, you're a woman" crap.

I have a couple of friends I am going to visit on the way- internet ones that I have known quite awhile but never had the opportunity to meet face to face. So I will be plotting my route with a little bouncing around- not exactly a direct one.

From here in NY, I am heading to WV (another story in itself), then to NC to visit with Jude and Roger then hanging a right and heading to OK to visit with Silver.

I have decided that if I get pulled over at any point the first thing I am going to do is call hubby and keep my speaker phone open- not paranoid much, am I? Wish I could take one of my doxies with me, but I can't fly back with them, so no go on that. So firece looking, aren't they? They would chew your ankle off in a minute. Unless you gave them a treat. Typical. (Isis is the fuzzy one, and Max is the bobble head. All of our animals are rescues, and we had just picked Max up from a rescue organization in this picture. Everyone came with us that day to welcome him to his new home.)

If this trip goes well, I am thinking I just might make it an annual trek. Not coast to coast but picking an area of the country and finding what it has to offer. Take a plane and head somewhere and rent a car and just explore. Or just head out from home and drive. Between AAA, my GPS and the internet, there is no reason I can't find somewhere to explore no matter what my time limit might be.

Then maybe I will be ready to expand my explorations to the world. Scotland and Australia are at the top of my list.

When I usually pack for a trip, I tend to do it in a color scheme. After all these years and trips together, my husband has never noticed this before. So I hit the winter sales (lots of them!) and am packing in black, gray, pink and purple. Even order a couple of pair of new shoes to coordinate.

Yes, I am slightly obsessive/compulsive. My daughter is more than willing to tell that to anyone who asks. Or doesn't.

I will probably start packing soon- putting things aside as I find them so I don't forget them.

I wonder if it is too early to start packing her car with all the stuff I need to bring with me???


  1. Sounds like a great trip, hope there will be lots of pictures.

  2. First comment!! Thank you for stopping by.

    I am planning on taking lots of pics and downloading them at night- at least that is the plan. Technology and I don't always get along.