Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Addiction!!

It was bad enough when I found Twitter. Really, it was. I enjoy it so much more than Facebook and MySpace, although I do try and hit my face book once a day, if I am lucky. However, it is nice to see what others are doing. Then an evil, evil person (an author at that) whose initials are Teresa Medeiros, slipped a little link to an app called Tweet Deck into her newsletter today.

(When my daughter found out that I Twittered, she was in shock, saying as much along with wondering how I can Twitter and can't figure out Facebook. For the record, I used to like Facebook until they "upgraded" it. Too confusing and just drives me nuts now.)

So I found some of my friends, authors, news personalities and others on Twitter. One of the first I chose to follow was John McCain. Love the daily top 10 pork that they try and pass. His daughter Meghan, keeps everyone posted on her comings and goings and things like the song of the day that won't leave her head. Been there.

As for authors, I have a few that I have found, one being Leslie Kelly, fron the Plotmonkeys,aka Leslie Parrish (for her new series) and her hubby, Bruce. Smart Bitches, Angela James and others.

Nathan Fillion (Yummy) and Save Castle. Along with Save Chuck. Michael Phelps (although he has been quiet).

Lots of fun stuff. Especially for those of us with short attention spans.

EWAusielloFiles- he's keeping me posted on how little I will actually turn the TV on this fall. NBC cancelled Life. One less time I have to turn on or record anything. If they keep it up, I won't be turning on much of anything. I refuse to get involved in anything new anymore. If it lasts more than a season or two, I can find it on DVD.

But back to the evil, evil Teresa.

See, TweetDeck lets you show all your stuff on one screen, Friends, Replies, Direct Messages and updates them minute by minute. No hitting refresh needed. I love it. I have had it on all day. I finally forced myself away to go mow the lawn, no thanks to Teresa, the Evil One. She even laughed at me. Took credit for corrupting me. She is evil. :snort:


  1. I don't understand Twitter, so I doubt I will follow anyone. I also am not on Facebook, alghough I just got a blackberry and it is a default settting on there, so I might check it out.

    Rarely, am I on myspace. Just not too sure about all of this stuff. I am a techno hold out I guess. Also, I don't put up pics of my kids. The idea of anyone anywhere seeing them and becoming obsessed kinda freaks me out. ALOT.

    Have a super day!

  2. I don't do pics of the human kids either, even if my baby is 24. The family page is private to family only so that makes it easier.

    Twitter is so much easier than Facebook or myspace, although on TweetDeck you can also update FB at the same time.

    and I am getting nothing else done. Next goal- my own Crackberry.