Friday, May 8, 2009

No Mother's Day Card Required!!

I wasn't making a big deal out of not spending Mother's Day with my daughter around. In 24 years it would be the first one we haven't been together. My mom is coming down today to spend the weekend, it's her 70th birthday. (On a side note, said daughter must now quit calling her Position as she has since her 69th b'day!)

Knowing that the kid is enjoying what she is doing in Hollyweird, school, making movies and networking in ways I don't think she knew existed, I wasn't going to be sad or whiny or cry (maybe a little on Mom's Day,while I was in the shower).

That is a parents job, right? We give birth, raise them to the best of our ability, give them the tools we hope help them make the right decision and then kick their asses out of the nest. There is no sense in going through all that and then keeping them tied to our side, is there? I didn't even get too upset when I brought her to the airport after the roadtrip. How can you be sad, and feel sorry for yourself when they are so happy? If I do feel sad, I go buy shoes. There's a whole nother blog in there.

I had to work Thursday morning, so I head to bed early (up at 5, ick.) At midnight hubby's youngest step-son popped his head into the bedroom, while I was sound asleep and scared the crap outta me! Told me I had to get downstairs right away. Mind you hubby was still down there, so I thought the worse. #3 Son had left his house keys and came back to get them. (thankfully I sleep in something and had the covers pulled up. LOLOL).

Imagine my shock, surprise and awesome delight to find my daughter sitting in hubby's recliner, videotaping my shock! No, I haven't seen the footage yet. I imagine she has put it on Youtube or something.

Seems they have been planning this since February, even before I took my trip out! She bought the plane ticket then, had hubby involved, got my mom to call and whine about coming down to spend her b'day here (so we didn't plan on going there), my step-son to pick her up and a co-worker (also her best friend) to make sure I wasn't scheduled to work all weekend.

And they kept it all a secret from me! Knowing that for Xmas and my b'day, I always figure out what they got me before hand. Surprising me is not easy at all, but they did it.

So now I am going to enjoy a weekend with her and my mom going out for a b'day lunch tomorrow and brunch on Sunday. Seeing Star Trek this afternoon, just the 3 of us. (Hubby said he would go, so I bought 3 tix- 2 of them seniors. This was before I knew she was coming, so the tix is for the kid, now I have to go get it upgraded to full price. LOL)

God they are sneaky and I love it! It's the best Mother's Day present ever. No card required!!


  1. That's awesome, i hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  2. BTW I knew all about it too!!!! Neener Neener Neener! LOLOL

  3. But you were not part of the secret, only knew about it. didn't count

  4. Wow! How awesome. What a wonderful surprise. I have always wanted a surprise pary, but have never had one. Now I have hope for when my kiddies are grown.