Thursday, May 21, 2009


I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted anything. I got so busy with my mom and daughter being here for mother's day weekend, the time got away from me. Then there is the ever present lawn work, dogs, cats, my neighbor and work, I haven't had time to do much else, including read.

And now I have a sinus infection. Between that and hubby and Max basically pushing me out of bed last night, I am beat. I ended up going downstairs to the kidlet's bedroom to sleep, and ended up with all 3 dogs and one cat helping me. At least I got the wall side so that they couldn't push me out.

I did spend last night watching the American Idol finale. I was very disappointed in the voters that Adam didn't win- I think all of Danny's voters went over to Chris, but in another way I am glad he didn't win. Now I won't have to wait a year for him to put an album out.

When I saw Chris performing with Keith Urban (love that Thunder from Down Under), I knew that whoever Adam was paired with would be bloody amazing. And was I ever! I knew the second they showed him in the costume, before he opened his mouth, that Kiss would be up on that stage. What a way to top off the night! And they weren't done yet either!

I had been twittering all during the show with some author friends and had said earlier (and all through the season) that I would love to hear Adam doing Queen. Truly, I think he could be the legacy to Freddie Mercury. I always wondered why he didn't do any of their songs during the competition. When he and Kris started with We Are the Champions, I could think of no better song for them to do. When they showed Queen actually playing?!? I almost had a fucking heart attack!! What an awesome finish to the show!

I could have done without Megan Joy and her godawful tatoo (does she own anything that has sleeves?), and a good portion of the others. I even died laughing when Kara showed off and showed up Bikini Girl (should have saved the money on the boob job- Kara's were real!) with both her singing and her bikini. I adored when Norman was "surprised" by his award. I really liked him. I hope someone, some where appreciates his talent and picks him up.

The lineup of musical talent this finale was truly amazing and the highlight of the night. I can't imagine what they will plan for next year, but it is the surprising things that they do that keep me coming back.

Oh, and I like Kara as a judge too. I hope she stays.

And I was really disappointed that Shaun won out over Giles on Dancing With the Stars. He was so much more fun to watch dance.

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