Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have a confession to make.

I wear furry socks. Which is better than the furry underwear I used to wear.

It was a compromise. I gave Spike my sock drawer in exchange for my underwear drawer. I leave it open all the time and if I forget, he knocks everything he can off the top of my dresser to remind me. I don't mind, since the winters are cold and the extra fur helps keep my feet warm. I do seldom wear socks when the weather gets nice, it doesn't matter. But the furry panties were itchy.

On the other hand, every couple of days I have to crawl under the bed and retrieve all the dirty socks that Isis has dug out of the laundry basket and hidden under there. She loves dirty socks, although occasionally she steals clean one too. If a sock gets a hole in it, we give it to her and she adds it to her collection. She meets people at the door with one in her mouth and has been known to bark without dropping it. I think she now has more socks than we do. I use the dog carrier with a board over the top and a cloth on it as an end table so I have somewhere to throw her toys when I clean them up. Like I said before, this is an animal friendly home. Humans optional.

Max has been trying to wrest the Alpha Male position from my husband. While it is funny to watch, he really needs to make sure he knows who the boss is. Max I mean. Hubby just can't seem to take it seriously, even when he won't let him into bed at night when I am already there. Or near me in the kitchen. He stands guard over me. I pity anyone who every tried to break into this house.

There is another addition to the family I failed to mention. His youngest son, Tex's "dad", got a new dog earlier this year. Blue. He is part Border Collie, like Carlos was and part Australian Cattle Dog. He likes to herd the other dogs. Well, he tries anyway. He and Max spent a good part of the evening playing tug of war with an old glove. Whenever he puts down something he has been playing with, Max sneaks over and steals it. Then it's game on. By the time he goes home at night there is usually a pile of socks, ropes, bowls, bones and anything else Blue has played with under and around Max.

As I finish this up, they are all in their usual napping spots- Max under the desk, on his pillow by my feet. Isis on her pillow (which was Charlie's but she stole it and he let her keep it), Blue on the pillows on one end of the couch and Charlie on the other end.

Wonder why I spend so much time on the computer? They leave us no where to sit.

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  1. Hey Ev ... looking forward to meeting you (furry sox and all)