Saturday, February 7, 2009

My route is basically set. And, might I add, pretty ambitious for someone travelling across the country alone. Most of my driving time is a 6-8 hours a day, not counting pit stops, food breaks and camera opportunities.

Day 1- Albany, NY to Salisbury, MD. I want to cross the Bay Bridge-Tunnel in the daylight, so I am waiting until morning. This should be fun. I hate heights and closed in places, but want to experience it and stop and take pictures when I can. Should be amusing. No one there to witness my success or terror.

Day 2- From Salisbury, I am heading to NC to visit with my friends Judy and Roger. Now, we have never met but we have been on line in the Anne McCaffrey chats for so long, I can't even remember how far back it goes. About time we got to meet up face-to-face, and I am staying the night with them in their new home. Poor Roger.

Day 3- Since the trip on day 2 is short, I will be heading out to Knoxville, TN.

Day 4 brings me to Little Rock, AR. Somewhere in there I will be stopping for lunch and am using Food TV's Diner, Drive Ins and Dives to help me plan where. Just depends on where I am around lunch or dinner I guess. They have lots of bar-b-que and it would be a shame not to hit somewhere on the list. If I am making good enough time, I might even be able to stop in Memphis for awhile. I would love to spend time in Nashville, but since I spent my honeymoon there, Memphis it is.

Day 5- I am off to Oklahoma City to visit with Silver and spend a day there and resting (haha). I want to be sure to see the memorial. Both she and my husband worked that disaster, so I know she will have memories of it too. I am looking forward to seeing it through her eyes.

Day 7 takes me to Alburquerque, NM. I plan on spending an extra day there. I have always wanted to visit there area and check out the history. I love the southwest and would consider moving out there someday.

Day 9 is going to take me Phoenix, AZ. I can only call Luke AFB 3 days prior to arrival to see if they have space available, so I need to find a hotel that is not too expensive just in case. HA! I have found one, but am not sure of it's location. I will keep looking. This is where I spent the first few years of my life and I remember almost nothing of the area other than that where we were is what is now the barrio. Then is was a conglomeration of every nationality- the common factor is that we were all working poor.

Day 10 takes me the 5 hour drive to San Diego. I know I can go straight up to LA where the Daughter is, but I want to visit there. I have to call the Navy Base 30 days ahead for a room, but that is better than 3. I have always wanted to visit the San Diego Zoo and Sea World and will make sure I do that if nothing else. I am planning on spending a couple of days there before heading to LA on the 26th. We head home to NY on the 28th.

I am hoping the weather is good for the trip. I am a bit nervous about the desert section of it but I figure if I leave early that day I won't hit the really hot weather. If my calculations are right anyway.

I got all this done while Smart Bitches was off line for 2 days. I think they should do that once a week and maybe we could all get something accomplished. Nah.

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