Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now to the other half of my zoo.

There are three cats running this household and the humans and dogs in it. Don't let them tell you otherwise, although I don't think there will be much argument.

All of our cats are of Siamese mixes, so they are personality multiplied. The oldest is Tex, who actually belongs to my husband's youngest son. When we married, he got his own place, but when he would be out of town he would bring his dog (Carlos, at the time. I miss him) and Tex. He started bringing Tex over because he would be lonely. Then when he would come home, Tex would become harder to find with each visit. He didn't want to leave. When Bill would come to get him, he would hide and this is a big house to hide in. So finally, he stayed. He is used to having company and at 16 who is going to argue with him. He is all shades of gray and black with purple (sometimes) eyes. Once upon a time he was a big as a small moose, but running around her and keeping the others in line has thinned him down. The Dr. thinks he might be going into renal failure. He has quit using the litterbox, and instead is marking. After watching him, I don't think so. I think he is just establishing himself in the hirearchy with the other cats. He uses puppy pads instead. I never said they were normal. He's mad right now since it is still too cold for him to go out and wander in the backyard and lay in the sun.

Then there is Rascal. She is black with green eyes and there are some people in this family who have never even seen her. She is very anti-social with the non-members of the household and hates the short and stubbies with a passion, but loves the big dog. Go figure. She hisses and growls at Isis and Max. Isis barks back, poor Max just wants to be friends.

Then there is Spike and yes he is named for our favorite vampire- he is white blonde with big blue eyes and fangs. He thinks he is a dog. He sleeps with us and the little dogs. Gives them baths and doesn't take any crap from them. Shows up when it is treat time for the dogs. Lease trained. Will curl up in the puppy pile when they are all snuggled together.

Like my dogs, the cats are rescues (except Tex). Rascal I found at the vets when I was there picking up the ashes from my daughter's cat Midnight. There were 3 kittens and I let our cat Shadow pick which one we would be bringing home. We had just lost her twin Flame and then Midnigh, so he was lonely. You know you spend too much time at the vet, when instead of going through all the paperwork the require to see if you would make a good home for the pet, the vet just says, "Oh, it's Evelyn? Don't worry about." I can hear hubby hitting his head on a wall every time I go there.

Spike we got from an adotion clinic at PetSmart. Daughter and I had stopped in to get food- I saw the signs out and spent five minutes going NONONONONONONONONONONONONO. I should have saved my breath. There were all these cages in the middle of the store, nice quiet cats, just sitting there watching people watch them. (I have a hard time even looking cause I want to take them all home.) As we walked by Spike put his paw out, aiming for my daughter. I quit. He came home with us.

I have had a host of pets over the years. From my first dog, Dundee, a Scottish Terrier, to so many cats I can't count them, (but can name them) to Guinea Pigs, a Rabbit (Sebastian who was litterbox trained too- better than some of my cats have been) to our current menagerie.

I can't ever imagine my life without pets in it. We are thinking of putting on a front porch and making it so the cats can just wander out there in the good weather. I can put the big assed scratching post/tree out there. Put the Christmas tree out there in the winter so I don't have to anchor it to the ceiling to keep Spike from pulling it down. Again. I have removed carpeting because it was more pet friendly to have tile. Gotten new doors so that they can't climb through the screen. Gates to keep them out of the litterboxes and to give the cats some peace and quiet. Very attractive look-not.

Pet hair is a condiment in this house. If you don't like furry, don't visit. They were here first.

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