Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Packing (ha!)

I would rather refer to it as "Let's see how much of her stuff I can pack in the car and get out of my house!!".

There will be no reason her to buy bath, personal, powders, shampoos, face or a myriad of other items for awhile. I even packed them in some of my plastic bins so all she has to do it put them on the upper shelf until she needs to "go shopping".

Sadly, I know that I am no where near done finding all the stuff she has stacked, stored and hidden around. I can't believe how much money I have spent on stuff that hasn't even been opened. Packrat syndrome I guess. But, I have managed to regain some of my premium shelf space in the bathroom. I might even be able to use it now for things like towels and seasonal stuff. How strange that will be.

I know when she comes home that I will need her to spend some of her precious time going through stuff so I can put it in storage or send it out to her. I want to redecorate the room, but not loose all her things that are in there either. She has some great stuff I don't want to just stuff in storage nor is it going out to her dorm. Things like her Angel and Spike puppets and her Nightmare and Pirates collections. And our combined comic book collection. That has gotten rather large.

And her books. I am sure I will be packing as many of them in the car as I can. I'm glad we got her one with lots of room in it- a Chevy HHR. Great car and tons of room especially with the seats down. And fantastic gas mileage.

Note to self: Put new tires and breaks on the car before I hit the road! Pack books and guitars.

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