Monday, April 20, 2009

Finally getting there...

I am finally finding time to go through the pictures I took on my trip. The first three days were mostly rain, which really ticked me off. I was looking forward to pit stops along the Smokies and the view from the Chesepeake Bay Bridge. This is the view as I was getting ready to get on the bridge. It had actually quit raining at this point and I was hoping the sun would come out as I made that long drive across the water.

However, that was not meant to be. By the time I finally reached 3/4 of the way across where the rest stop was, it was really raining. I decided to stop for a break, sit and eat some of my nice healthy lunch (no hamburger!), browse the little gift shop, and then maybe walk the pier that they have there. No. Again the weather gods were consipiring against me.
By the time I was back in my car, eating my lunch, it was raining pretty heavily and the fog was really rolling in. However, as I was looking out over the water, I spied some movement and put my wipers on hoping to catch what it was.

If you look carefully, just above and to the right of the fence post, you will see a gray blob. It's the conning tower of a sub coming home to Norfolk. Too bad the weather was not cooperating. A few seconds later, as it got closer I opened the door to get a clearer picture and it was all one big gray blob. Nothing. Nada. Thank you Mother Nature. sigh.

I spent that night and the next morning with my friend Judy and her hubby Roger in NC. Jude and I met a looooonnnng time ago in one of the originaly AOL chatrooms for Ann McCaffrey. I'm talking around '91 or '92 when I first signed onto aol. At the time she was still in TX. We had never had a chance to get together before and I wasn't going to miss this oppurtunity. We had a great time and I can't wait to go back- when the weather cooperates!- for a much longer visit. Then we can go and find other places to check out.

However, Jude has one "problem". She has a very, very lazy cat. So lazy that she lays on her side to eat and then flips over to drink. I thought mine were lazy. This one takes the cake. (Now, old age and all I forget all their names. Jude will have to remind me, especially since I need to tag my photos. LOL)

So that was day 1-3. The next day as I left, it had quit raining but was foggy, so I delayed my start. A good thing cause we got to laze about a bit. By the time I hit the Smokies it was all rain and fog again. That was certainly interesting. But I had James Marsters and Harry Dresden to get me through it intact.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about your trip. I might have to blog more about my travels when we go in May.

  2. Where are you going???

    I had such a great time, that I told hubby that I may spend my vacations just picking a state, flying in, renting a car and then seeing what I can find.

    I think he looked scared!