Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hurry up Jim Butcher!!

On my recent road trip, I downloaded a ton of new (actually, old) music to my ipod. Stuff I love, didn't have on it or on anything but vinyl, and even did a playlist of just driving/singing music to keep me awake, aware and alive. I think I turned it on once.

I also downloaded the first of the Butcher's Dresden Files on audio. I figured I needed at least one book to listen to and I love the books.

Big Mistake. Not only did I not turn my ipod on again for music, but along the way I downloaded the other three books that are out on audio (thankyou Books on Board!). They are only recently released and finding them on download was not easy at the time, nor was it cheap. But boy were they worth it.

Never once did I picture Spike once I started listening, but I did see him as Harry, (especially since he is not really blond). I could not see anyone else reading these stories than him. He is Harry and Harry is him.

The books are as well read as they are written. I finished the fourth one yesterday (I had shipped it back to myself from CA in a big box that took two weeks to get here- that's another rant entirely). Now I have to wait until October for Book 5. Not effing fair. It's not. I want it now.

While I was driving, the story (and James) kept me relaxed, attend to my surrondings and so much happier than any music I could have listened to. Sorry, but classical puts me to sleep. I credit them with getting me down the Smokies in a downpour and fog and lots of truck drivers, to getting across the Continental Divide in high winds, in one piece. I would have loved to had had my blood pressure taken during the drive. I think my Dr. would have loved it.
A caveat here- never listen to James Marsters read something sexy while driving, especially alone. :gulp: That will mess up your blood pressure.

My only complaint was putting them on the ipod- they don't fall under the correct category on itunes when you go from the cd to itunes, so ultimately I ended up burning them to cd's. Which I had to buy of course. My laptop didn't have enough battery power for an all day trip. My new one does though. But we won't talk about that since hubby has no idea I bought one. (A nice little 10 inch Acer I picked up in San Diego at Office Depot for a really good price. It's perfect for travelling- light, fits in my purse so I don't need a computer bag, does what I need. What more do I need?)

But back to James and Harry and all things Butcher. I haven't looked but I hope James is doing his other series' too. Seldom do I find an audio reader outside of Jim Daley and Lorelei King (who does the Stephanie Plum novels) that I look forward to listening to as opposed to an author whose books I want to hear.

James is right up there. He could make a whole new career out of this.

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