Monday, April 6, 2009

NY is going down the poop shoot people!

I am so tired. Between Daughter being home all week and running to dr apt after dr apt, and then heading to West Point to go shopping, I am bushed. Today I will take my neighbor to his dr apt and then shopping and lunch. Tomorrow I have to work all day. I really am looking forward to Wed getting here. I have nothing planned.

Except laying around in my jammies, reading and catching up on the DVR.

We are just waiting for the ax to fall on hubby's job. When they start with the layoffs, thanks to the governor's wonderful plan for the economy, we know his job will be cut (even if it is federally funded). Patison needs that money to help fund one of his cronies paychecks, I am sure. It's amazing how many jobs are not being filled, while he keeps hiring these people at astronomical paychecks. The rest of the state is dying but they are doing just fine. Can we bring Spitzer back? And I can't stand him.

There was hope when Patison first took over that things would be different here in NY. Then it became apparant that he had too many people to say thank you to for getting him where he is today. Just like almost every politician out there. And the rest of the people be damned. Who knows, I may be putting the knife in my own back since I am on one of the lists for a state job, but since they aren't hiring, I guess I don't have to worry.

As a tax payer, I have every right to complain though and I am going to exercise that right.

Now we have a 5 cent deposit on water bottles? Like that will help much. I hope everyone goes out and buys a Brita or Pur water filtration system and the water bottles sit there on the shelves. At least his idea of the obesity tax failed- a higher tax on non-diet sodas. How stupid and ignorant is that? Does he not know that a) diet soda has proven to be just as much to blame for obesity as non-diet and b) not everyone can go near the sugar substitutes, and are in fact highly allergic to them? Is he (as NY State rep) going to foot the medical bills for them? Idiots. They come up with the stupidest ideas instead of dealing with the problems head on.

For instance, a friend of mine who just retired, had his job split between 2 people. One an engineer (contract employee) who will be making 40k more a year than he did and the other a lawyer. Two people to do the job of one, both making more money. Their philosophy? No insurance and vacation time, so that's a savings to the tax payer of NY. Right. This is how NY is being run. No wonder we are in deep shit.

I can understand why so many people, especially the younger generation, are moving out of here an to greener pastures. I would actually consider it someday myself, if things don't begin to lookup.

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