Wednesday, April 8, 2009


About a year ago, we adopted our second Dacshund, Max. He was a rescue from a puppy mill down south and was 2 1/2. He weighed just 8 1/2lbs when they rescued him and brought him to a rescue here in NY. When we brought him home he weighed about 12lbs. I called him Bobblehead, because his head was soooo much bigger than the rest of him at the time. Since then he has been spoiled rotten and filled out nicely. And yes, they all dress up for Halloween. Last year it was pirates.

When he moved in, he didn't know how to walk up or down stairs, play with toys or even cuddle. He used to hide under the computer desk to eat, just to protect his bowl. Taking treats from our hands took him a long while to do. His favorite place is on his pillow under the computer desk especially when I am sitting there. He is never too far from me. If he can't see me he whines.

Once he learned how to run stairs, he ran like a crazy person up and then would jump from the 3rd or so step from the bottom. Took a bit to break him of that habit. He does use the stairs to get on the bed, but still insists on jumping off instead.

I have mentioned before, I think, that he is trying to take the Alpha Male position in the house away from my husband. Even when he snaps at hubby, it's funny. Trying to kiss me has become an exercise in stealthness. I call him my knight is fuzzy armor.

Which brings me to the point of this. Last night when I went up to bed he jumped off my daughter's bed, where we had been watching TV, and I heard a small squeek from him. However, he could walk up the stairs and got on the bed, didn't yelp when I felt his hips and back and slept through the night. This morning he did it again and is now at the vet's. At the ER they didn't think that there was any back injury but his hip could be out, or he could have torn an muscle. Whatever it takes, he will come home. When it comes to our animals, money is not a concern. We took on the responsibility, therefore, they get the best care there is.

Doxies have a history of back and hip problems. I have them all (including me) on Glucosimine and Condriton (sp) for bone strength. I even give them regular massages to help keep their muscles loose and relax them. Yes they are spoiled. You have no idea how badly spoiled our animals are.

So now I wait until I can call the vet's later this afternoon to see what the x-rays showed. The other dogs are wandering around wondering where Max is. This is not how I planned to spend my day off. I was going to lay on the bed and clear the dvr, with all the dogs cuddled around. Be lazy. Now I can't sit still long enough to even turn the tv on.

If you are reading this, please keep Max in your prayers.

Max is back home, sore and tired, but doing better. He had to have anethstisia for the x-rays and had a small reaction to it. Looking at the xrays, he has some hip and knee problems, but his spine shows no arthritis or disc problems which is great. He has to quit jumping off the furniture, so I have taken away the stairs so neither doxie can get up on them at all. He is taking over my daughter's room for now- a cage, 2 beds, new bowl set. And I will sleep down there with him since he will whine all night if I am not there. LOL


  1. O Ev, I am so sorry to hear about Max. Hopefully it will just be something minor.

    Also, your post on Mother Nature very funny and most likely true.

    The economy. I completely concur. NV's governor is a complete idiot. He asked all education and state workers to take a 6% pay cut, which I would have done until we found out he gave his staff astronomical unapproved raises and rationalized it because a couple of people left so he split their salaries.

    Are you kidding? Right now I will not know if I have a job until July or August and this idiot is doing things like that. urg!

    Take Care and Good Luck w/Max.

  2. thanks! and Max is doing much better. Update on blog. LOL

    NY's Gov wanted the workers to give back their raise and a week of unpaid work basically. BS! I don't know how he plans on balancing a budget or saving the state money when these same people will end up on unemployment. But he gave his wife's social secretary, or what ever the title is, a $25K raise. And we won't even discuss what his buddies are making!