Friday, April 10, 2009

Proud Mom

For years my daughter has always felt that she was not capable of doing good in school. Yes, she has learning disabilities, but she is far from stupid. Finding the right college with the right program took a bit, but she did it. I found out yesterday that she got 3 B's and a B+ this past quarter. One of them in her acting class, which she thought for sure she would get a D in.

A lot of this stemmed from being told when she was in grade school, that she would never amount to anything. It's amazing what one stupid teacher, with revenge on her mind, can do to the mind of a child. Yes, I know who she is, let's just hope she never shows up to a class reunion that I am at.

It didn't matter how many of her teachers told her, over the years, that she WASN'T stupid, it was the one who did tell her that that stuck in her mind.

I can only say a big thank you to my friends who told her about Columbia College Hollywood as an alternative to Full Sail in FL. It so much a hands on type of school, she is in her element. Film Making, Editing, Screen writing- she has been preparing for these things since I can remember. Unlike some of the students, she doesn't try and sound like she is an expert and that they have nothing to teach her. Her motto has been "I'm Jello-mold me!" I wonder if that's could go on a bumper sticker?

I don't even worry about her as much as I did being 3000 miles away because I know she is doing exactly what it is she wants to do. Her next goal is her internships. I hope she gets some good ones! She now has her own studio apartment and has matured so much since she has been gone. I don't think that would have happened if she had done that right out of high school, but the time was right, and she knew it. We didn't push, but let her decide when the time was right. Although I am glad she didn't find a place that took animals- there was no way on this Earth I would have travelled with her cat across the country! ;)

I have to admit though, that as nice as it was to have her home for a week, it was nice to have the peace and quiet back when she left. And the bathroom. It's amazing how much mess one kid can make in so short a time, isn't it. LOL

Yeah, I will catch flack for this, but then she knows I love her anyway!!

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