Saturday, March 14, 2009


Four states later and I have made it to my first stop, Salisbury, MD. The gps only confused me twice, but they were both construction related. No biggie.

When I hit the last stop in Jersey before the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I stil had over half a tank of gas left. Not bad, considering how loaded the car is with Heather's junk. I mean precious treasures. Gas is running about 1.80/gal, so I waited to fill up once I got here.

Anyone looking for a new car, or even used, I highly reccommend looking at the Chevy HHR. It has a lot of room, handles nicely and considering it has a 4-cylinder engine, has quite a bit of pick up. I am averaging 29/mpg, because of the heavy load. Usually it's about 33 or so highway. City it runs 25-29 normally.The new ones can even use e85 fuel or whatever it is and it will increase those numbers. My only complaint, and why I don't own one, it that it doesn't come in all-wheel drive. Add that on and I would buy one in a heartbeat. And make it a purple one too.

It started sprinkling about the time I hit Delaware and now it is raining but at least not heavily. I called Jude and she blamed it on me. I told her if it was me, I would have sent snow. Seems like that is a four letter word.

I went to a wonderful seafood restaurant for dinner, Watermen's Cove. If you are ever out this way, I reccommend it highly. I had crab bisque and crab claws for dinner. Three big clusters. An assortment of rolls in the basket- cornbread was very good. Now I am stuffed.

Everytime I get to a new place, I have to unpack not only my suitcase and computer bag but all three of Heather's guitars and the bag of camera equipment. I am glad they gave me a first floor room. I will be sure to ask for them from now on. It's a work out.

I actually managed to get through the day with no disasters!!

Nim's Island is on. Guess I will go watch Jerry Butler and then go to sleep. I can think of worse things. LOL

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