Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Well, we are back home in NY. Finally.

I am exhausted. We spent the last 3 days moving her to a new dorm room because of all the problems she was having in the building she was in. It was the party building. It's where all the young, first time away from home kids end up- cause they are shared rooms and the cheapest. Unfortunately, the ones who are there to actually study are the ones who suffer. So now she is in a studio apt with her own bath, no sharing, in a different building that is nice and quiet. Now she just needs to finish unpacking and organizing everything. I did all I could. Hope she saves some money for her groceries and gas. LOL

Some of her friends helped us move. It was a Charlie Foxtrot at times. She was moving into a room that someone else was still in and moving out of, while someone else was moving into her old room. So we would take some of her stuff over, move some of his into her old room then load up and do it all again. Meanwhile, the person in her room waited until the last minute to do much of anything besides clean out half the room so she could move her stuff in. Got that straight yet?? It was a never ending circle of hell.

One of these days when I am out there I will get to see something besides the inside of a Target, Walmart or Lowe's. Or fast food joints. I actually saw more going to the airport today in the shuttle than I have both times I have been there!

The dogs were so happy to have me (maybe even us) home. It's hard to pet 3 dogs when you only have 2 hands! But I was pleased that Max didn't bark his head off at either one of us, instead they all just sat there and pushed to be petted. Poor Charlie was right between my legs trying to get all the attention he could. I think he missed me, poor baby! I know I missed them.

My husband called me the other day and told me not to ask him to rake the lawn anytime soon (NOT that I would anyway). I thought the dogs had done something in the backyard that I really didn't want to know about, but that wasn't it. Our neighbor 2 doors down was out raking the other morning and dropped dead. He is only a year older than hubby but not in the best of health. His poor girl friend is devestated. I went over to see her right after I got done with the animal greetings since I saw she was still up. Her girlfriends were all there too. So tomorrow I have a wake to go to before we head to Poughkeepsie for the Shinedown concert.

I really should go to bed, don't ya think?

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