Friday, March 20, 2009

Tumblin Tumbleweeds.

Arrived safely in NM. It was very windy in TX and the sky was not promising looking but it went away from me, for which I was happy. But I did see lots of tumble weeds blowing across the road. I drove pass numerous cops with people pulled over. At two of them, they were going through the vehicles with a fine tooth comb. Oops. I even got tagged on 40 by a helicopter once I hit the NM border! Haven't had that happen in a long time. I waved.

I had to take a break after only an hour on the road this morning. I got up early and headed out and just needed a break. I got talking to these gentlmen at the Cherokee about the weather. I was joking about the rain having followed me from NY. They wanted to know how much it would cost them to have me stay a couple of extra days! LOL

Once I got out of Jersey, everyone I have met has been so very nice. When I got to my motel here, I wasn't sure what to expect. It's just a small motor lodge, but I liked that I could walk to Old Town and the Zoo and Botanical Gardens/Aquarium. When I went into the office to register I was greated by a short and stubby! Any place that has their own Doxie is perfect for me. His name is Gustav and he let me just sit there and pet him while the owners and I just sat and talked. Made me miss mine even more, but it's always nice to have another puppy to play with. I guess I passed muster since I got my room!

Walked over to Old Town for dinner. Very good and I have left overs for later. Had to save room for dessert!

Missing home though and I will be glad to get back there next week. 8 more days of my vacation!

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