Monday, March 9, 2009

I hate Barbie.

There is such a big thing being made about Barbie being 50 this year. Hell, I hit that next year and I don't see that being made a big production of.

I had Barbies growing up. Along with Skipper and Dawn. I actually still have my Dawn doll. My mom made some beautiful clothes for Barbie that I still have.

I hated playing with them.

I gave my Barbies to Heather when she was a little kid. Other people bought them for her.

She hated them too.

In fact, every Barbie she has ever owned has become a No-Neck Barbie. She would rip the heads off and then jam them back on like WWF gone bad. Cut their hair, dye it, shave it. Use markers for make up. Let GI Joe blow them up. Except for the military ones, which helped blow up the other ones.

Never let it be said either of us were girly-girls.

Now the big controversy because Barbie has a removable Tramp-stamp. ::snort:: I love it. I should get one before public opinion has them pulled from the shelves.


  1. I was never a Barbie girl either. I'm not sure what to say about her new tat, sometimes I wish mine was removable as hers is.

    Hope the trip preparations are going well.

  2. They are going. Almost ready to actually pack my suitcase. Once I decide what to bring.

    That's a whole nother blog.;)