Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cereal? Pancakes? French Toast??

Nope, it's not what's for breakfast. It's what empty nesters decide makes a great dinner.

I thought once it was just us, I would be able to finally cook those things that we never get to eat because someone else wouldn't eat them. Or to try new recipies. And I really drew the line at cooking seperate meals.

So far the toughest decision has been what breakfast food to have for dinner. :sigh: So much for imagination.

I can only imagine what Hubby will be eating while I am gone. It doesn't matter that I have single packages of pork chops, ham slices, burgers and spaghetti sauce already in the freezer for him.

And that I told him that they are there. More than once.

He won't remember. He will end up eating cereal, crackers and peanut butter, peanut butter sandwiches. Olive sanwiches for god's sake. I hope one of the kids comes and take pity on him.

I am sure the animals will eat better than he does. I still have to make up their overnight bag for the two days they have to spend at the day care center. Yes, my dogs go to a day care center. At least once a week Charlie and Blue spend the day while Bill and I are at work. They come home exhausted, barely able to stay awake to eat. Charlie is even losing weight, which is a good thing. He gets unhappy when he doesn't go over. I had to see him mope around. It's like having another surly, emotional teen in the house again.


  1. Heh, that is exactly what my ex husband feeds the boys when I go out of town. Not even a piece of fruit in the house when I come back, unless you count the lone shriveled moldy one in the back of the fridge.

  2. Fruit? Only if it comes out of a can half the time. He will eat that with cottage cheese. LOL

    I have to remember to pick up some apples and bananas for my cooler. Add it to the list that never gets shorter.

  3. what's wrong with being a surly, emotional teenager???