Sunday, March 15, 2009

Salisbury, MD Sleep Inn

Normally I wouldn't do this, but I really have to say some nice things about the hotel I stayed in. Why they only have 2 stars (I think) from AAA, I don't know. I am not a travel agent or writer, just a very happy customer. For the price that I was paying (less than 60 bucks) I really wasn't expecting much. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I stayed at the Salsibury, MD Sleep Inn.
I booked the smallest room they have, cause this isn't a cheap trip I am taking. I was pleasantly surprised. The room was small but well appointed. A very comfortable double bed with four fluffy pillows, built in nightstands, and great reading lights along the entire top of the ceiling over the bed. I had no problem sitting in bed reading. I usually end up with every light on in a hotel room because it is always so bad. In fact, every area of the room was well lit. And there was plenty of room for the suitcase, 3 guitar cases and who knows what all I have to bring in everynight.

The desk area when you first walk in had a tv, with drawer space under it, desk top area, a nice comfortable chair (not the usual wooden torturous one they give you) with a small coffee pot and refrigerator under it. And I still had plenty of room for my lap top, Sony eReader, ipod and cell phone to charge. The closet space was more than adequate, with a small safe, ironing board and iron.

The sink area was behind a wall on the side of the bed. But what I really liked most was that Instead of wasting money and space on a bathtub that no one ever uses except for small children, they wisely put in an almost double sized shower stall. It was so nice to have actual water pressure and not the usual leaky shower head. The shower and toilet area were seperate from the sink and bathroom, so two people could easily get ready at the same time.

Both desk people that I dealt with, Devon (at night, I hope I got his name right) and Tamara the front desk manager were very nice and informative with anything that I needed. Breakfast was continental and very substantial, the lady running it was also very nice. And Denny's is right across the parking lot. They didn't laugh at me too much when I asked where the toaster was. In my defense, I was tired and Tamara offered me a late checkout so I could go back to sleep. It was a nice quiet hotel, which i really appreciated.

Since I don't usually travel, except to Syr and NYC, it's nice to find a hotel that doesn't charge and arm and a leg and you get a great value for your dollar. I will definately stay at one again. Anyone travelling, I highly reccommend that you check one out.

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