Friday, March 20, 2009


I really had such a wonderful time here!! I can't wait to come back (this time I will fly in though!). Just like my time in NC with Judy, there is so much I want to do and just don't have time for right now. But this trip has showed me where I do want to go and spend more time. Little Rock isn't it though, sorry AR.

Penny and her family picked me up for dinner. We went to the Cattlemen's Restaraunt, which is under and old bordello. I had the best steak I can remember in a very long time. And the homemade Coconut Cream Pie was to die for.

We had a great time, I even got to meet the furry family members which was great. I have missed having a lap puppy, even though theirs weighs 120 and is still growing! He's half Neufoundland and half Retriever, guess who's size and who's brains he got? He's such a love. Likes to kill stuffed animals.Their other dog likes the squeaky ones. Too funny.

Penny and I spend the day doing the Murrah Office Bldg and then the Cultural Museum. Both were wonderful places. She worked the bombing here and I did 9/11, so it was good to have someone to share it with who understood, on both sides. What they learned there, the mistakes made and lessons learned, were employed in NYC. Sometimes something good does come out of something so horrible. It is still mind numbing.

Then we did some shopping! I got jewerly. Big shock to all who know me. At least it wasn't shoes or purses. Although I am not done yet.

I went to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar for dinner. I already have the t-shirt from one concert or another. And the hat. It was in a very nice area, complete with a water front and area to walk around in. There are other restaurants and retail shops. It's like a minature San Antonio River Walk. I hope it grows.

The people here have all been very nice. I have been stopped many times either because someone saw my NY plates, or as is usually the thing, my Sony eReader. Lot's of people have asked to play with it and I gladly hand it over to them. What better publicity??

I stayed up so late tonite (for me) talking to Heather and my friend Linda, that I missed most of Jay Leno (oh, darn) but did turn it up in time to hear Garth. Another Okie. They have managed to grow some of the best Country singers here in Ok. Gotta love it!!

Off to NM where it is supposed to rain. What a shocker!


  1. Ev,

    Glad your trip is going so well. My birth mom who recently passes was in Alburquerque. Step-dad is still there.

    It is beautiful and has a great arts district. Jewelery there is wonderful.

    Keep driving safe and have a good weekend.

    We will be in Kingman tomorrow at the Cracker Barrel for lunch, I'll keep an eye out for those NY plates. ;)

  2. Thanks!! I am actually staying for the day tomorrow so I can do some shopping and go to the botanical gardens and the aquarium. I am staying close by so I can walk.

    The weather is soooo nice!! I knew I would love it here.