Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I finally made it about 1pm CA time yesterday. Then immediately went into overdrive to help Heather move to her new dorm room. Which still has an occupant and will until today or tomorrow. While someone else, who is helping us move, moves into her dorm room. Got all that straight?

When I first got there she came running out with her arms wide spread- to fall with glee upon her car and molest it. She just gave me her keys to go use the bathroom. I don't even think I got a hi. Kids. Dorks. The drive up from San Diego was really nice. Even the traffic isn't all that bad, or at least different from what I deal with in Albany all the time. Just more lanes is all. Never get in the way of a NY driver.

I know that they moved in a bunch of stuff from her room yesterday, and I did my best to unpack what I could given the space limitations, but, holy crap you should see the mess still left and we have to finish by tomorrow nite! She is supposed to turn her keys in today, but since she and Kyle are friends, she is holding one of her spares until she can get all her stuff out. What a mess this is. Not organized at all. I hate that.

Her new room is made for 2 people, complete with two vanities and bathroom sinks, but at least she has her own bathroom and it is in a quiet part or the complex. And a laundry room that works right.

We went to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen with a friend of ours last night. It was nice to repay him for keeping an eye on her and making sure she had adults to talk to. Interesting place and the food was good too.

I am sitting here at her school while she takes a final. The kids are nice and don't look at me totally like I am a weirdo. Guess it's cause it's CA and everyone is weird in their own way??

I hope to hit the hot tub at the motel today. I really, really need it.

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  1. Wow! Silly girl. I would totally be huggin my mom first. You are so sweet to have taken her the car.

    Good Luck with all that buts somehow college kids tend to get it all taken care of just in the nick of time.

    I really could use a hot tub myself. I long for a bath, even. Our tub has been not working for months and it is taking it's toll on my mental health.

    Got shots in my feet today. hurts. still came to work afterwords. I am the ultimate dork.