Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Leaving, you can't make me!

Why people spend their winters in Florida is a mystery to me. I can imagine spending mine here in Albuquerque though.

I got up early, found a place to get my broken fingernail fixed that Heather's guitar case killed, had breakfast and headed to the Zoo, Botanical Garden and Aquarium just across the street from my hotel. All by 9am.

The sun was out. The day was beautiful. And I walked over 5 miles today. I really want another day here. Or a month. I have a sun burn.

They have a train that runs between the zoo and the other 2 places. I went to the zoo first on the advice of the people at the gardens, since it's break time here and all the kids would be heading that way soon. I spent far too much time there, but then again, not enough. I had to rush out to my nail appointment but did have enough time to go back.

The Botanical Gardens were huge and beautiful. I particularly loved the kids fantasy garden which was guarded by a huge dragon. I couldn't believe the size of the zoo and how much was there to see and do.

I can't wait to get my pictures posted. I'm too tired to do that right now. But I will for anyone who is interested.


  1. yes, pictures please! but after you've had a good rest

  2. that could be a couple of months from now!!

  3. Don't blame me for your stupid nail. My guitar cases are good cases and would never intentionally hurt a person unless they were provoked.. just like their owner.