Sunday, March 8, 2009


Is Spring finally here? We set the clocks ahead, earlier than we are used to. My flowers are coming up. And the backyard is a big mud pit. I know, the dogs bring it in to me all day long. I spend more time mopping the floor than I do anything else.

But this is Upstate NY and I know we have more snow to come. I just hope it waits until I am across the border on my way to Maryland. Especially since I no longer have snow tires on Heather's car. With my luck there will be a foot of snow on the ground by Friday.

I keep wondering how Hubby will deal with the animals on his own. They are used to their routine and he changes it on them all the time. Poor Max. He hates to go outside if don't go with him and he jumps at the door whining, while I ignore him. Then he runs in and uses the puppy pad. You have to outlast him. One of these days he will figure out it isn't punishment to go outside.

I have decided Isis is a Kleptomaniac.

I was trying to do laundry last night and Isis kept digging through the basket and stealing socks. I would take it back and she would go get another. It's like a compulsion for her. Isis greeted Bill and Blue with one in her mouth. She even barks with it there. She must have 30 dirty socks in her toy box already. We give her all the old ones and she loves them. But she must have more. Kind of like me with books, shoes and purses. At least she comes by it honestly.

Charlie has gotten very good at going to daycare. Now he walks himself up the ramp and heads for the door to the back the second I let him in. He has that daycare mentality that kids get- after a few times, there is no need to cling to mommy cause I know she'll be back and in the meantime I get to play!! By the time he gets home, he is barely able to stay awake to eat.

Poor Blue needs a bath everytime he comes inside. He likes to dig holes. Big, muddy ones. He finally sits and lets me clean his paws. His poor daddy can't leave him home alone because he sits in his cage and sets up a ruckus. Here, he just goes in his cage when he knows I am leaving and waits for someone to come home. I think it's because he isn't alone, even though he can't get out.

My step-daughter and I have laughingly said we should open a doggie day-care center. If the economy wasn't so bad, I might consider it. It is something to keep in mind for the future.

I will miss my babies while I am gone. I won't know what to do with an entire bed to myself. I laid down to watch Reaper last night and had all 4 dogs and a cat snuggled up to me. Good way to save on heating costs.

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