Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's Ramblings...

Because my mind is going in so many directions all at once---

I can't believe I leave in a week! I still have so much to do. Including talk hubby into letting me get a Blackberry with Internet access on it. Then I can Twitter away!

The car is almost ready to go- inspection and wipers are the only things left. The tires and breaks just about killed me. Oh well, at least they won't need fixing for another 40,000 miles.
This weekend will be packing and loading what I can in the car.

Have I mentioned that I love my job? I am so glad with all the cuts at Border's- one of them being the manager from my old one who actually knew what he was doing- that I left when I did? This has become a slippery slope and all I see ahead of them is Bankruptcy. No amount of personnel cuts and dropping of music and movies is going to help them at this point. Get rid of those overpaid shirts and the bonuses- there's an idea. Question- if the store closes how will a certain someone be able to pay for her maid?? That was always the biggest concern when she doesn't get the bonus, not the college kids who don't make enough money to eat. Off my soapbox.

Back to the new job- no stress. Or it's so negligible it's not worth mentioning. And I make as much there, working less hours and less stress than I did at Border's. Especially since I am not pouring my paycheck back into the store all the time. It's nice to be able to say "I can't work ..." and they honor it with no arguments.

We are going car shopping for me when I get home. The new Jeep Compass (in Jeep Green) is at the top of the list. It's the same size as my Rav4, which I love, but after 6 accidents, it's time to turn it in. I am beginning to think it is a marked truck. However, I have walked away from all of them and killed another car in return. The idiot ran a red light and hit my rear quarter panel. $1200 damage to my car. He lost his hood and radiator. Serves him right. It will be a good first vehicle for some kid. It goes but not so fast that they will be racing with it. Gets decent gas mileage too. Maybe I should post it on Craig's List if the dealer won't give me anything good for it.

I need to get my ipod in order too. I can't believe how much music is missing from it, especially for a roadtrip like this. I was trying to find either a download of Robert B. Parker's Night Passage or Jim Butcher's first Dresden novel and no go. The library doesn't even have them as audios. I am still looking for a book to listen to but don't want Romance. Something I have read, that I want to read that is either funny and light hearted or a good mystery or sci-fi. And I don't want to join some club to download one book. Just sell me the damn thing already.

And Packing- ugh. With all the different areas I am heading to, trying to figure out what to pack, in only one suitcase, including my shower kit and make up and SHOES, is not fun. I usually pick a color scheme when I travel. This time it is pink and purple with black, gray and white. Then I just have to figure out the layers. And I am bringing a ski jacket- I do remember what the desert is like at night. They can laugh at me in CA all they want.

Off for now. I have to go do a much needed load of laundry, empty the dishwasher and get ready for work tomorrow. At least it's only half a day. And payday is right in the middle of my trip. Maybe my bonus will be in there???

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