Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Murphy's Law at Work

You know that old adage- if it can go wrong, it will? That was last night. I no sooner got my blog posted, checked my gmail and closed out IE, then my computer died. Deader than a door nail.

Naturally, I still needed something off it- my confirmation email from Navy Lodging. The hotel system had an out of order sign on it. We finally got the email to work and then the printer wouldn't. So I called #1 Daughter who said she would fax it to me. Then she couldn't get on her computer. So then I called #3 son who tried to fax it- the first machine broke. He finally got it to me on the 2nd one.

The GPS had me going to LA and then San Diego. Why, I have no idea. Unless it was because it didn't want to do mountains again. And that is what we did. At least it wasn't as windy or as much traffic today. Even though it was only 65 out, there was still a worry about overheating. However, I opened the windows and turned on the defroster and the engine temp went from 210 to 185 in no time and stayed there. The engine was no where near being redlined, but I felt better that way. Especially since I refused to hurry up or down the damn thing.

I finally made it to San Diego and then had to find the base. There is no physical address for Navy Lodging, so I did the next best thing- found something in the same zip and used that. I knew I would see signs for the base and I did. They even had one just for base decals and passes. Once I got that they pointed me to the hotel, which was just across the street and up a block. It is in a complex with the NEX and Commissary. Absolutely HUGE. Far bigger than West Point. The NEX is as big as the two story Walmart at home, and they are currently making it bigger. A huge food court. Free movies at the theater. And I got saluted coming in. Snort. I had forgotten what that was like since West Point went to civilan guards. Not here. LOTS of guys in uniform. My view out my window is of the Navy yard. There are 5 ships there, one of which I can see all of and the others I can see their towers and upper decks. Kinda cool.

Tomorrow is the San Diego Zoo. I have always wanted to go there and can't wait. So I am off to bed as I want to get up early and head out and make a day of it.


  1. I really hope you enjoy the zoo. It is one of my favorite places to visit. We took my daughter when she was 6 months or so. I have one of my favorite pics of her and I taken on the sky ride there.

    BTW..are you driving home?

  2. NO! Poor Heather wouldn't have a car. LOL We are flying home on the 28th. I really don't want to go.