Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It ws sooo nice to see the sun all day today and have it get above 50 outside. Once AAA showed up (very quickly too) and jumped the car for me, I let it run for awhile. The people in the room next to me had a problem starting their truck too, so I didn't feel so bad. It was one of those days.

Thank god Rt 40 is basically flat. And the truckers don't get on your butt they way they do in NY. I actually managed to do bridges with no problems either. Yay me!! I was so tired once I finally got to the hotel, I didn't even bother going out to dinner. Just ate the rest of the yoghurt and string cheese I had and crashed with the tv.

I am off tomorrow to OK City and to see my friend Penny. She is taking me to the Memorial. Maybe I will finally get a chance to take some pictures.

Everytime I saw something the last few days it was either raining, I couldn't stop because of traffic, or mostly, I was on a bridge. Like the eagle in it's nest, the blue heron's, the flamingo mailbox someone had.

Last night, I not only had to wear my eye mask to bed (the computer screen keeps me up and I was charging stuff) but I had to put my ear plugs in. The bed in the room next to me wasn't anchored to the wall very well. And they were very busy. Sleep deprived? Ya think??

Not only did i leave the cooler plugged in, but the outlet adapter for the computer died so I listened to my audio book on the laptop until it was about dead and did find a nice restaurant where they let me plug it in while I ate lunch. Home made Chocolate Cream Pie for dessert. Didn't need dinner.

I am switching hotels in OK City. I was going to stay at a La Quinta but really haven't been that impressed. Sleep Inn had a room available and I am taking it. Some one sprayed Orange cleaner so badly in here, I am getting a headache. Can't open the window either.

Short drive tomorrow. Thank god. Over 500 miles today was enough. But the Sun was Shining!!!


  1. Sounds like fun so far. I had really hoped to get a hold of you sooner. My mom is right of the I-40 in Arkansas and would have fed you well.

    Take Care

  2. awwww. It would have given me a reason to enjoy AR. I was so tired, I didn't even go out for dinner, but fell asleep instead. Then I had b'fast at Ihop with my Nutella crepes. I have been missing my Nutella!! Withdrawal!!